Indigo Dyeing Kit

Indigo Dyeing Kit

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Unlike other natural dyes, indigo does not need to be mordanted, but a number of processes are done to make it an active dye. Indigo dyeing is called 'vat dyeing' and requires a reduction reaction involving the removal of oxygen from the medium. In our indigo dyeing kit you will find everything you need to reduce indigo organically.

Indigo dyeing kit contains 50 g of indigo dye and reducing agents in appropriate amounts. By following the prescription that comes with the kit, you can prepare a healthy indigo dye vat and dye 1 kg of fabric in medium darkness.

When you consume the products in your kit, you don't need to buy the kit again. If you wish, you can purchase those products on their own, in accordance with the numbers on the packages.

The dyeing recipe comes only with the kit.

Important note: Indigo dyeing does not require mordanting, unlike other natural dyes. You can dye any type of fiber directly with indigo. However, in order for your dyeing to be homogeneous and permanent, you must first perform a good washing / scouring process on your fiber. The description in the kit includes details of this process. The materials in your home will be sufficient for wool and silk, but you should use no: 1 for cotton washing. Click here to buy.

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