Cotton Mordanting Kit

Cotton Mordanting Kit

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In order to make saturated and permanent dyeing with natural dyes, the process called mordanting is applied before dyeing. Mordants are various metal salts that act as a binding bridge between fiber and dye molecules. We have chosen the most practical, safe and energy-efficient one among dozens of recipes that can be used for this process.

We used Aluminum as the mordant in our cotton mordant kit. The aluminum salt we use is not toxic, it is used in processes such as purification of drinking water.

There are three different salts in the cotton mordanting kit and you need to mix them in various ratios for the mordanting process. All the instructions you need are available in the box, in print. You can perform the whole process with a simple kitchen scale and a plastic bucket.

The mordant method we choose does not include boiling process and the mordant solution can be used more than once. So it's pretty stingy about consuming resources.

You can use the cotton mordanting kit before dyeing with our natural dye extracts, or you can use it for fresh or dry plant materials (flowers, leaves, roots, etc.).

With 1 box of cotton mordanting kit, you can mordant 500 g of cotton fiber (rope, fabric, etc.) and get quite saturated colors.

Note: When you increase this amount to 1kg, you will also get good results, but we limit it to 500g to talk about a standard color saturation. On the contrary, we recommend that you increase the amount of fiber mordanting with 1 box of cotton mordant kit, because this means that you use the resources of our planet more economically.


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