Silk Mordanting Kit

Silk Mordanting Kit

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Introduce your fiber to an exciting new world of vibrant, long-lasting natural dyes with our Silk Mordanting Kit. Mordanting is a process that creates a binding bridge between the fibers and the dye molecules, resulting in saturated, permanent color.

Our kit is specially formulated to work with silk fibers, using a safe and energy-efficient aluminum salt mordant. The aluminum salt we use is not toxic and is commonly used in processes such as purifying drinking water.

The kit includes the necessary chemical compounds for the mordanting process and the recipe. The instructions are easy to follow and all you need is a kitchen scale and a steel pot. With 1 box of our Silk Mordanting Kit, you can mordant 500g of silk fiber (rope, fabric, etc.) and achieve rich, saturated colors.

Our kit can be used with our natural dye extracts or with fresh or dry plant materials (flowers, leaves, roots, etc.). The possibilities are endless, and with our Silk Mordanting Kit, you can experiment with a variety of natural dyes to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Bring new life to your fibers and take your textile creations to the next level with our Silk Mordanting Kit.

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