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Enhancing your natural dyeing experience, we present our "Starter Kit", designed to make the process of natural dyeing simple and easy for beginners.

This kit comes with a 20% discount and includes everything you need to get started:

★ 3 meters (500g) of raw cotton fabric, crafted for natural dyeing applications
★ Our cotton mordanting kit, specially formulated for natural dyeing
★ 6 packs of sample dye set, including pomegranate, madder, lac, cutch, marigold, and mulberry extracts.

With this starter kit, you can mordant your fabric, cut it into 50cm pieces, and dye it in 6 different colors. As you progress, you can experiment with different fiber types and colors. The process of natural dyeing with our dye extracts is simple - dissolve your dye in warm water, dip your mordanted fiber, and heat until you achieve the desired color. The intensity of the color depends on the amount of dye you use and how long the fiber stays in the dye bath. The water amount is irrelevant, and the right amount of water to use is to cover the fiber and let it move freely in the dye bath. The amount of dye to use is a personal preference, but 3% of the dry weight of the fiber gives vibrant colors.

Natural dyeing is an exciting world of endless possibilities that encourages experimentation. Instead of sticking to a fixed outcome, enjoy the process of dyeing as a collaboration between you, the dye plants, the fiber, the water, the heat, and all other inputs that affect the color. One quick tip: using different mordants such as ferrous sulfate or copper sulfate creates color variation.

For more detailed and precise instructions, please visit our blog  here.

Embrace the beauty and simplicity of natural dyeing with our "Starter Kit" and let your creativity flourish.

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